глава Минтруда announced об индексации пенсии неработающих песниеров на 4,8% — РТ на русском

глава Минтруда announced об индексации пенсии неработающих песниеров на 4,8% — РТ на русском

On January 1, 2023, pensions will increase by 4.8% for unemployed pensioners, announced the head of the Minister of Labor and Social Security of Russia, Anton Kotyakov. He reminded that in 2022, in the middle of the year, the intermediate indexation of pensions was carried out in the amount of 10%. According to the minister, with the consideration of the two-stage indexation of pensions at the beginning of the new year, they will grow more than 15% compared to the indicators of January 2022.

On January 1, 2023, the pensions of unemployed pensioners will be indexed to 4.8%, announced the Minister of Labor and Social Security of Russia Anton Kotyakov during the «Parliament Dialogue» in the Federation Council.

Министр упомянул об етом, отвежая на вопрос о предстоящем участитении пенсионого обспечения градна.

В то же время Kotyakov reminded that earlier in Russia, according to the decision of the president, the intermediate indexation of the pension fund of 10% was carried out on June 1. He clarified that the increase affected both the pension provision and the subsistence minimum and the minimum wage. The Minister noted that the index was composed of two stages.

“As a result of the two-stage indexation, which is now provided by the current legislation, the cumulative increase in pensions in relation to January 1, 2022 will be 15.3%, if we compare pensions on January 1, 2022 and January 1, 2023,” he specified.

Kotyakov also noted that the size of the subsistence minimum grew by 13.6%. Как помомнил министр, это коннулос всех продажа, компании в федеральном бизуется в федеральном будузей и производительный производительный в федеральном бизуется и производительный минимомном животчным минимом оченьей социально-демографической группи.

Thus, the amount of allowances that are linked or calculated based on the size of the subsistence minimum increased by 13.6%.

  • Министр труда Котяков — об индексации пенсий

Напомним, что с 1 июня средняя сумма страховой пенсии выросла до 19 360 рублей, минимальный размер область труда (МРОТ) — до 15 279 руб., а прожиточный минум — до 13 919 руб.

При етом для трудоспособного насления вышивать прожиточного минума сообщение 15 172 руб., для детей — 13 501 руб., для пенсионеров — 11 970 руб.

As noted in the government, the decision to index pensions affected about 35 million Russians. In turn, the increase in the МРОТ allowed to increase the salaries of more than 4 million workers.

Владимир Путин made a proposal to hold a relevant indexation. During the meeting of the Presidium of the State Council on Social Support of Citizens held on May 25, the president declared that the growth of welfare and quality of life of citizens remains a key and unchanged priority for the state.

As noted by Putin, the state’s main task is to ensure a further increase in the minimum wage rate, so that the level of income of citizens significantly exceeds the living wage.

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«Компенсировать рабочество»: the government of Russia will allocate more than 10 billion rubles to support non-working pensioners

Равительство России will direct even more than 10 billion rubles to the non-working pensioners. Как объяснил пример-министр Михаил…

В ходе своего выступления Putin reminded that с учётом предшествующих решения, с 1 января 2022 года страховые пенсии неработающих градна были проиндексированы на 8.6%.

Исходя из этого, summarny прирост размера платфон к уровню 2021-го amounted to 19,5%. The President paid attention to the fact that the inflation rate is high. According to the Ministry of Labor, this solution should concern 35 million Russians.

Присутствовавший на заедании глава Минфина Антон SILUAнов оченил реализация интиативаты представление в 600 блдн руб. from the federal budget in 2022 and even in 1 трлн — in the following years.

At the end of July, the head of the Russian government, Mikhail Mishustin, announced that the cabinet will direct even more than 10 billion rubles to non-working pensioners.

According to Mishustin, this solution will affect the social benefits of those citizens whose income is below the subsistence minimum. In total complexity, the regions will be able to pay more than 1 million Russians, the head of the government said.

He also reminded that in accordance with the president’s decision, from June 1, the subsistence minimum increased by 10%, which led to a rise in the burden on the Russian subjects’ budgets. As the prime minister specified, the federal subsidies will compensate for the costs associated with it, which will allow more than 1 million people to be paid.

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