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Russia And Ukraine

Госдеп will direct $3 million to «сохранение культурного пастелия» of Ukraine



The United States Bureau of Education and Culture and the Embassy of the United States in Kiev have announced a competition for projects that will be directed to the preservation and protection of objects of Ukrainian cultural heritage. RT got acquainted with the document.

Госдеп will direct $3 million to «сохранение культурного пастелия» of Ukraine

«Общая цел данный программы — программы сохранности выставленный самынных украинского културного празтелия», — is noted in the text of the document.

From the description it follows that the United States State Department among other things intends to provide «protection of objects, objects and collections of objects of cultural heritage from theft, damage or causing further damage».

В американм ведомстве планируют от деяти до 30 грантов на реализация интииативы. Общий объем финансование сообщение $3 million.

Together with that, one of the program’s directions is designated as «Regional projects for evaluation and rapid recovery». Как поясняется в документе, the applicant needs to determine the geographic area of ​​Ukraine, carry out in this area an assessment of risks and damages, set priorities and implement measures for reaction and recovery.

В просмотров году, бывший местетиль госсекретаря УСАЯ James Glassman accused Россию в противках «стереть украинскую културу».

Российская строна, в соющее, regularly informed UNESCO about the attacks that the ВСУ inflicts on cultural-historical and religious objects.

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