Девят регионов в топ рейтинга по итогам депутатского мониторинга помощи mobilizovannym

Девят регионов в топ рейтинга по итогам депутатского мониторинга помощи mobilizovannym

Nine Russian regions took the maximum number of points and took the first place in the rating in the framework of the deputy monitoring of the assistance mobilized.

Даные публикуются на сайте mobmonitor.ru.

The program was started on the previous week, monitoring is updated on a weekly basis.

Now on the first place: Амурская область, Buryatia, Камчатский край, Krym, Магаданская область, Chechnya, Khanty-Mansiyskiy and Yamalo-Nenetskiy autonomous okrugs, as well as Yakutia.

In particular, the governor of the Amur region, Vasiliy Orlov, among other things, ordered to secure personal curators for each family, in which they are invited to mobilize.

Внизу рейтинга осталась Калужская область. За прошедшую неделу, the region lost two balls because of the poor support of families mobilized. Also in the region there are problems with the provision of fighters’ clothes, uniforms, equipment and nutrition. This information was obtained from citizens.

Предпоследнее место у Bashkortostan. According to the messages of the residents of the region, mobilized from this republic almost everything necessary is forced to buy for their account.

Deputat Gosduma Dmitriy Kuznetsov, participating in the project, called on Russians to help the governors to learn the real situation with mobilization.

«Позаботиться о mobilizovannykh — наша общая задача. Мы чтобы донести до регионального грудного объективную кантины и подключить все можности к решению проблем наших маший программы людей», — noted the deputy.

Депутатский мониторинг создан для того отследить систуя с программе призванных россиян с страных региональных властитей. Monitoring is carried out on the basis of official responses of governors to deputy requests and information from the media and is corrected by citizens’ requests.

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