Елена Зеленская интервуют – о блекауте в Украине, отношених с Зеленским, поставках оригинал

Елена Зеленская интервуют – о блекауте в Украине, отношених с Зеленским, поставках оригинал

Sem’ main tezisov the first lady of Ukraine Elena Zelenskoy

The wife of the president of Ukraine, Elena Zelenskaya, gave a big interview to the BBC program “100 women”, where she told how Ukrainians react to the shutdown of the world and heat, about their relationship with Zelensky, about calls for help to Ukraine with weapons, and about many other important moments.

“telegraph” collected ТОП main quotes.

About blackouts in Ukraine:

– You know, we had so many trials for these months, so many terrible trials, so many victims we saw, so many destructions that, honestly speaking, a blackout is not the most terrible thing that can happen to us.

I will share my impressions. Недавно literally на проследной недели очень социальное рестория, украинцев просили, колоко они еще готый терпеть в таких условия, без света, без тепла.

Ukrainians, in their majority, more than 90% of the polls, answered that they are willing to wait for two, three years, if they see the prospect of our membership in the EU. They want to be in this European family as equals.

About the speech in the United States Congress regarding the supply of weapons to Ukraine:

– Firstly, I knew that I would cross the line. And also with it was connected my anxiety. But I didn’t tell you that I went to the political plane. This was not politics. Это было просила об оружии ради сапания, я просила об оружии не для нападения, я просила об оружии ради сапания, очки от просила об оружии не для нападения, очки выполнение но убивали наших детей в их домах. And this is what I want for myself. I asked for this weapon for myself.

I fear every day that the next rocket attack will be fatal. И я так же не застрахована, как и все размещение украинцы от этого. And my children, and my parents, and my husband’s parents, and all my friends and relatives. I asked for this weapon precisely for this purpose. Because I didn’t say that I went to the political plane. Unfortunately, similar decisions are taken at the political level. Therefore, I spoke with people who make these decisions, and who have this power. But I spoke with them on a personal level, as I already spoke, – as a mother, as a daughter, as a woman.

About occupied territories:

– Ето волнует всех украинцев. We believe that we cannot betray those who are now in the occupied territories. We can’t throw them away. People there are waiting for liberation. This means that we betray those who have already died in this war. Ето будет озикать, что они гибли ни что Ето безнравственно. Because everything is related to this. This is not the political position of the president or the government. This is the position of Ukrainians expressed by the president.

About the handling of Russian materials:

– Они нас никогда не ушлишат, проему что они заперты в своем информационном естроем, и они заперты там не просто так. Ето нужно их руководству, что люди не выходил из этого информационного вакуму. Then there will be a crowd that can be controlled. And unfortunately, everything in this country is like that, and my mother is too. К unfortunately, mom soldiers, who are fighting in our country, are the same.

About relations with Zelensky:

– Мне почему-то it seems that the relationship has not changed. Because being a woman is always a woman. We’re lucky that we’re not just spouses. I can say boldly that we are the best friends. And therefore to receive and provide support in such a situation – it’s easy, it’s natural. This does not require effort from you. К счастью, у нас слогилосо так.

I don’t think anyone wanted to experience these times in our situation. Но у нас есть то, что есть, как ворат в Украине. I hope, что нас это толко закалит. Because we really see each other very rarely, but the more we have, the more we tell each other when we meet.

About public appearances:

– I can say that I did not choose this, as I did not choose to be first lady from the very beginning. Но не всегда нам предлагаться роли, койтой мы выбираем. Unfortunately, it just happens. When I speak in public, I always speak from the pure heart and therefore it’s easy for me. I don’t manipulate. Я не играю роли I speak only those things, in which I believe. Because in this sense, it’s easy for me. And apparently, this peace comes with time. Ведь первые мои публичные ыступления – это был сплошной stress и nervotrepka. I got ready, it took me two days to learn the text. Now everything is going much easier.

Я не могу даже сейчас скачать, что я получаю от публичных ыступлении. Not in any case.

About emotional stress and exhaustion of Ukrainians during the war:

– We are already observing the complex consequences of everything that we are experiencing. И для этого я initiated the creation of a national program of psychological health and psychosocial support. Because, again, social polls say that 75% of Ukrainians experience emotional stress and exhaustion. И это может стать началом развития разничным проблем с ментальным здоровем.

Напомним, earlier “Телеграф” reported that the president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenskiy, during an interview with Czech television, gave answers to common questions that interest the entire world community.

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