Ернобаевка рий Турулева – машину колаборанта подорвали

With my designated face, I know the purchase of handicrafts.

In the Georgian region, the car was built with a built -in driver, a hand -held vehicle. In the results of the incident, the colloquialist received a lot of money on one of the streets of Hernobabevki.

On the other hand, on June 22, the public deputation and director of the German public administrator, “Horrians,” In his words, in the results of the cross-cutting process of the ex-hand of the caretaker, and in the course of the “entity,”

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The machine was repaired, but the collector did not sell“, – speaks in the text of the meeting.

It is worth noting that Russia has already attempted to improve this situation. В частности, пишут о том, что на жизнь коллаборанта Турулева, который еще 5 мая был назначен оккупантами “председателем военно-гражданской администрации Чернобаевки”, было совершено покушение. He received a simple sentence, after which it was recorded in the colony.

Also in the network you can see what is in the city Old Christian on the President (temporarily purchased) the car was repaired and the car was also credited to the carpenter Kov. Because there is no support for this.

Ранее “Телеграф” сообщал, как во временно оккупированном россиянами Херсоне неизвестные взорвали автомобиль коллаборанта и начальника исправительной колонии Евгения Соболева. Acquisitions lead to the acquisition of Ukrainian partnerships.

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