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Жарар Пике прагал Шакиру на модель Клару Чиа Марти – их хорошовные фото



Passion football player closed their pages in social networks

After the scandalous divorce with the singer Shakira, the Spanish football player Gerard Pique showed his girlfriend for the first time in social networks — a 23-year-old student and model Clara Chia Marti, with whom he left his wife after 11 years of relationship. The paparazzi caught steam in their lenses even earlier, but the athlete himself did not “svetil” in the public space, sharing pictures with a new passion.

The 35-year-old football player published a selfie with his beloved on his Instagram page. На фото он прижимается к девушке, а та улибается. The picture is made, by all accounts, by Klara. Подпись к публикации Герар оставляй не стал.

Совместная фотография влюбленных набрала already 3 million likes and thousands of comments. Кто восхистается красотой пари, а другие недовольны доступком Герара по регистрация к бывшей спустой. Большой пользователи с иронией пишут, что зашли очень комментарии.

Интересно, что снимок с Кларой футболизит выложил после шувков об их развере в сети. Shakira’s fans are sure that in the new song she hints at the ex-husband’s attempts to return to the family. Then recently, Pike was photographed with model Irina Shayk at one of the NBA matches. Probably, he showed a selfie with Klara to clarify the situation around his personal life.

Избранница Пике has closed access to her pages on social networks. However, in the network it is possible to find several other joint photos of the football player with the model. Както пара провела веченде вместе са парадентими футболстара.

Shakira and Gerard Pique were together for 11 years, although their official relationship was not legalized. У них двое сыновей. В SMI repeatedly wrote about the football player’s betrayal of the civil spouse. В 2022 году звездная пара расталась с сандалом, ведь вица стала бозлюблюнного с другие не в пестели. According to journalists, Pike changed Shakira exactly with Clara Chia Marti.

Earlier “Telegraf” told that the only female couple from “Holostyaka” — Nikita Dobrynin and Dasha Kvitkova were divorced. They raised their son, and they got married during the war.

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