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Завтра «Водник» will meet with «Волгой» in the quarterfinal of the Championship of Russia



The game will take place on March 17th at 17:30 (in Moscow) at the home stadium of the Ulyanovsk club — «Volga-Sport-Arena»

Let us remind you that in the last game of the first stage of the Championship of Russia with ball hockey, which took place in Arkhangelsk, at the stadium «Trud», the youth from «Vodnik» failed to overcome the opponent, who won the sixth place in the tournament table.

Despite the defeat, at the post-match press-conference, the coach of «Жёлто-зелёных» Ilyas Khandaev congratulated the young players of the Arkhangelsk command with a worthy debut.

А ступили ребята really good. In the match with Ulyanovsk «Volgoy» in the class of the strongest five players of «Vodnik» debuted at once: Gleb Dorofeev, Mikhail Guryev, Ernest Ovechkin, Dmitry Gnibeda and Alexander Kisel. Last time, he scored his first goal in the Super League. Кроме того, Илья Насекин (who scored the first goal already at the first minute) replaced Evgenia Dergaev in the post of captain in that match.

Завтра же «Водник» will surely play the main composition. Match promises to be very spectacular and interesting. Посмотреть его, by the way, можно будет здесь.

Остајотся соду напомнить, что серии чевтертьфинала в Чемпионате России по хоккею с белла будут будут до дву побед. Accordingly, the games will be held on the third and sixth March (additional game on the seventh March).

So, the second game of «Водника» with «Волгай» will be held on the sixth of March, at 19:00, at the home stadium of «жёлто-зелёных» — Arkhangelsk «Trude».

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