Известный юрист Ясон Мкеку решил отобрать одрена триллиона долларов у попавших под сансиция россиян

Известный юрист Ясон Мкеку решил отобрать одрена триллиона долларов у попавших под сансиция россиян

The group of lawyers, led by the legal firms McCue Jury & Partners and Mishcon de Reya LLP, are looking for money for the series of processes against those who have been sanctioned by Russians, writes the publication «Агентство». В ходе этой соду планируется обсудить assets worth up to a trillion dollars. Большая часть этой денег донула ойти украинцам, пострадавшим от вторжения России.

According to informed Bloomberg sources, lawyers have already turned to hedge funds, family offices and firms engaged in legal financing. Етим страктурам предлагается поучаствовать в финансирование судебных тяжб, а в часте их выгрыша продать додош от этого.

According to Jason McCue, partner-founder of the London McCue Jury & Partners, the group already identified assets worth 200 billion dollars and is now looking for financing to file claims on behalf of 50,000 Ukrainian refugees against Russians who are under sanctions in Great Britain.

Де-факто юристы, называющие себя украинским алианском августасти, at private money they decided to try to do what, after February 24, they are actively discussing in Europe and in Ukraine, but what they haven’t decided yet. Lawyers want to achieve confiscation of arrested property of Russians.

Такие процессии еаду ли будут простоми — сичные суди могут загайгаться на много мези. Complicating the implementation of the initiative may also be the fact that about 20 Russians who have been sanctioned, including Mikhail Fridman, Roman Abramovich and Peter Aven, have contested the imposed restrictions in the European Court.

At least one hedge fund has already rejected the alliance proposal, and some investors, including family offices, want to simply donate money to the initiative without investing in it, writes Bloomberg.

Группа юристов, which created the Ukrainian alliance of justice shortly after the invasion of Russia, first tried to collect money from Ukrainian billionaires, but without success.

The initiative of western lawyers is not a precedent. Earlier, the civil court in Belfast already awarded compensation in the amount of about 2 million dollars to the relatives of some victims of the terrorist attack in the northern Irish city of Omaha in 1998. In this case, the group of applicants was also represented by McCue. However, this claim was financed by UK taxpayers and not private firms.

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