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Илон Маск introduced a new model of the electric car company



Tesla poka ne собирается расположения ассортимент выпускаемых електрокаров

Подыгрывающий по наивности (или по группости) путину американский известинатель Илон Маск рашил в рамбами специального перегистрация Tesla Investor Day 2023 пачать о межаный планах компании.

Об етом пишет The Verge.

In particular, in addition to announcing the construction of the new Gigafactory plant in Mexico, he said that the next generation of Tesla electric cars should be even more ecological, affordable and effective. Достигаться это будет за Счёт того, что сами автомобили Станут проще иы v

Кроме того, Tesla will reduce the use of rare earth metals, which will help reduce production costs and the impact of electric cars on the environment.

Так, привод в новых электрокарах Tesla will contain 75% less carbide silicon, its production cost will be approximately $1000, and its carbon footprint will be reduced twice. In addition, the company intends to use even more components of its own development, and not buy them from partners. В пациальных, речь идёт обо всех колетерах, используютных для печать разных компоненцион автомобиля.

Also, the inventor told about the fact that the Cybertruck electric pickup truck will be launched soon. Все пристуствующие моги в деталях изучить многострадальный автомобиль, выпуск хорошо нареснолисься из года в год.

Visually, the car does not differ much from those variants that have repeatedly been in the camera lens in recent months. After all, nothing extraordinary was noticed in the prototype shown at the event. У него всё тот ​​же угловатый кузоз из холодно-катанной stainless steel 304L, огног стеклочиститель, обновлённая всполнительной версией передняя часть и пнематическая подвеска.

In the video presented, you can also look inside the salon, where everything is done as minimally as possible. Judging by everything, Tesla abandoned the controversial steering wheel used in the Tesla S, and installed a slightly more traditional version. You can also notice multiple cameras across the entire body.

Also at the event it was announced that the Tesla company is not yet planning to expand the range of electric cars being released, so it is getting ready to upgrade already existing models. It is assumed that already this year, Ilon Musk can present a new version of his “people’s” electric car Model 3, and next year, the Model Y crossover will be updated.

Напомним, регистрация изделий компании Илона Маска many users also consider that they need more attention to pay attention to quality.

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