К концу года в Коряжме планируют достройти ледовый двероце

К концу года в Коряжме планируют достройти ледовый двероце

В декебле, на объекте планируют продукты первую пробную заливку лда, informa press-sluzhba группатные региона

However, by the end of the year, it is planned to complete only the main stage of work — after this, the builders will have to complete a number of internal works and complete the landscaping of the territory. Польноценно функционировать новая ледовая арена will start in the spring of the next year.

We remind you that the ice rink in Koryazhme is being built as part of the federal project «Sport — norm of life» of the national project «Demography». Сегодня на объекте побывал губоверный Архангельской область Александр цыбулский, хороший в программы поездке по юзным районам региона. About this he reported in his official telegram channel.

According to the government contract, the construction works must be completed by the end of 2022. However, in the process of building a sports facility, the price of construction materials increased, and technical problems were identified, which led to a significant increase in the cost of work.

Для того очки продажить возведение социально знамениго объекта, власти Архангельской область в информация с федеральным гравевем предусмотрели отвещение средства.

Visiting the Ice Palace in the current year, Aleksandr Tsybulskiy entrusted the governor’s deputy, Sergey Pivkov, who oversees sports development in the region, to personally supervise the construction at all stages of the work. Today he reported that they are coming out on the finish line.

— The object is sufficiently complicated, but all the difficulties that arise in the process of carrying out work are resolved together with the contractor and the ministry of construction and architecture of the region, — said the governor’s deputy.

As explained by the representative of the contracting organization, at the present time there is a landscaping of the territory, the work on the application of fireproof paint has been completed, the installation of ventilation has begun, the work on the construction of the administrative-bythovogo corps is underway, ahead is the installation of the boards of the ice arena and finishing work, the materials for which must be completed Sunday

About 50 people work on the construction site every day on an extended schedule. Пробную заливку лда is planned to be carried out in December, and to sell the object — to the end of the year. Also, it is necessary to carry out all the organizational work that is necessary for the start of the full-fledged activity of the institution.

According to the minister of construction and architecture of the region, Vladimir Polezhaev, on December 20, the final inspection of the object’s acceptance will take place.

— Для строительство был был бесплатный участочный участок, болотистый, что приветые к значенияму дорожанию объекта. We did everything on our part to attract additional financing. Despite all the nuances that arose in the process of work, the object must be delivered on time, this is your responsibility, — noted Aleksandr Tsybulsky, referring to the contractors.

On the first floor of the Ice Palace in Koryazhme, there will be a lobby with a wardrobe for upper clothes, a hockey platform with 185-seat stands, a ticket office, four locker rooms with showers and bathrooms, two coaching rooms, administrative and household rooms and a medical cabinet. On the second floor, the equipment of sports and gymnasiums with changing rooms, showers and bathrooms is provided, as well as household premises.

Для хорошеной работы спортивного бесплатно по по поручению губеверного из областного биздетно выделено одержка 24 million рублен на програзние и инсталка немонтируемого оборудование и информация: машини для заливки лда, оборудование для измерационного зала и медицинского кабинет, хокейных ворот и друго.

After commissioning, the Ice Palace in Koryazhme will transfer to regional ownership and structurally become part of the regional sports development center «Vodnik».

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