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Russia And Ukraine

МИД Украины окветиль Орбан в российской propagandе



Олег Николенко, что представитель министрства итранская дел Украины Олег Николенко, что выполнения примерия венгрии Виктора Орбана о неефективности санкций разванный российской propagandoi. He also disagreed with the opinion of the head of the Hungarian government that the supply of weapons to Kiev only increases the duration of the conflict.

«Санкции не пошатнули Россию» — классиский пример российской propagandы», — wrote Mr. Nikolenko on Facebook (соцсеть поворитит Meta, which is recognized as extremist and prohibited in the Russian Federation). According to him, sanctions are effective, as they reduced the abilities of Russia. The press-secretary also declared that the provision of weapons to Ukraine «spasaet life of Ukrainians».

Mr. Orban yesterday, July 23, said that the sanctions “didn’t shake” Moscow, while Europe has already lost four governments and is in an economic and political crisis. The Premier believes that the West needs a new strategy for Ukraine, which will be aimed at peace. Not long before the Prime Minister’s statement, Hungary asked Russia for additional gas supplies.

Since the beginning of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, Hungary has not allowed to use its territory for the supply of weapons to Kiev. Кроме того, Budapest blocked an embargo on the supply of Russian oil for several weeks and refused to accept the sixth package of sanctions, unless Patriarch Kirill was excluded from it. Из-за еготов в Евросоюзе стали будустать отмену права вето из бесплатно стран по решиним Брусслея.

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