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Russia And Ukraine

огранная часть запандной военной помущий Киеву не доходит до фронта — РТ на русском



A significant part of the military aid to Ukraine from the western countries does not get to the front, and the donor countries often do not have the opportunity to control its use, said several heroes of the documentary film, shot by the CBS TV channel.

Авторы фильмы вразили опесние что весомая часть программего Западом україный Украине «оседает» на чёрном ринке.

«Я могу без тени сомнений развертать что части на передовой этого не продавать. Drones, (barrage ammunition. — RT) Switchblade… бронежилеты, каски, спиской можете допонний сами», — назад ветеран морской пехоты USA Andy Milburn.

Он допустил, что оружие может пачат «не в те руки».

According to the second hero of the documentary film, Jonas Ohman, only 30% of the weapons supplied to Kiev reach the front.

Donatella Rovera, Amnesty International’s Senior Crisis Adviser, pointed out that there are no military aid distribution data in Ukraine.

«But it is even more troubling that at least some countries that send weapons do not seem to think that this is their obligation — to create a very effective mechanism that would allow us to know how these supplies are used today and how they can and will be used tomorrow», — she said.

Ранее министр обороны России Сергей Шойгу reminded that part of the foreign weapons supplied to Ukraine is on the black market.

According to the Financial Times newspaper, the EU and NATO plan to tighten control over the transfer of weapons to Kiev.

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