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ошибка судьи лишила «Спартак» трохочно чокве в матче с «Уралом» — РТ на русском



Бывший полузахник сборной России Александр Мостовой rated the work of the referees in the match between the Moscow «Spartakom» and the Yekaterinburg «Ural» in the match of the 18th round of the Russian football championship.

Мостовой: the judge's error deprived «Spartak» of three points in the match with «Уралом»

«Yes, here the judge made a mistake, but it is also possible to justify it. Он свистнул баша, thought that for sure some violation, some contact was», — цитирует Мостового RIA Novosti.

At the same time, he emphasized that because of an arbitrator’s error, “Spartak” could not earn three points, which at the end of the championship may not be enough in the fight for gold medals.

«Ясно, что это момент был на победу», — added the красно-белых ex-footballer.

«Spartak» played a draw with «Ural» on its field (2:2). Столичный клуб scored 37 points and placed second in the tournament table. «Урал» с 22 очками закамит 10-ю строчку. Leads in championship «Zenit» (45).

Главный арбитр Виталий Мешков отменил гол Александра Соболева в ворота екатеринбургской команда на 86-й минуте.

«Spartak» later reported that it would not be able to return to ESK RFS because of an uncounted goal by Sobolev.

Earlier Zarema Salikhova, wife of the ex-owner of «Spartak» Leonid Fedun, rated the scandalous episode with an unaccounted goal in the match with «Ural».

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