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Russia And Ukraine

Российские олигархи лишились можность судиться в Лондоне



Российские биллиандеры практический лишились образоваться в суди в Лондоне из за котацов автоков работы с ними. Об этом пишет Bloomberg.

The agency notes that in the last ten years, the British capital has become a place where rich Russians turn to solve any legal issues: from divorce cases and defamation cases to cross-border disputes.

After the war, British legal firms, including Allen & Overy, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Linklaters and Clifford Chance, have stopped working with Russians. This happened against the background of criticism from the British parliamentarians, and possible sanctions from the United States — Congressman Steve Cohen in April turned to the secretary of state, Anthony Blinken, with the proposal to ban the entry of lawyers who represented Russian billionaires in defamation cases.

Кроме того, бритинские автодаты большой с трондустами при проветитные денег от своих росский клиенты. Для работы с попавшими под сансиция россияниами юристы будет производительность властей. And even with such resolution, some banks refuse to process payments.

В mae londonsky sud rejected the claim of businessman Evgenia Prigozhin, known as «Putin’s chef», to the Bellingcat rassledovatelskoy group. This happened after the lawyers who worked with the Russian refused to continue representing him in court.

Проходивший в Лондоне процессов по разводу можного хорошого человек России Vladimir Potanina опавлят «в повешенном состояние», writes Bloomberg. In May, at the meeting of the family court, at which the billionaire was present via video link, the judge urged him and his ex-wife to try to regulate the dispute, taking into account «the difficult times».

В Великобританию также не пустили автодатов из фирми A1, койтов былы были пределать в суде в суде в внешпромбанка. Юристам также не поползили в содебных сезадних по видеосвязи. A1 previously belonged to the co-owners of «Alfa-bank» Mikhail Fridman and Peter Aven.

Bloomberg notes that the refusal to consider the Russian cases damages the courts of London and the economy of Great Britain. In 2020, the legal sector brought in a profit of 5.6 billion pounds, international business in 2020-2021 accounted for 74% of total commercial turnover. Experts interviewed by the agency note that Russian businessmen chose London courts because of the independent judicial system that uses “correct” laws.

Context. Financial Times in July wrote that after the start of the war, Russians practically lost the opportunity to buy real estate in London due to more thorough checks of their funds, refusals to work with clients from Russia on the part of agents, and also introduced or expected sanctions. In August, the rules came into effect in Great Britain, according to which foreign companies that own property in the country must indicate real owners in the official register. Введены программы былы для больше с «гразными» русским деньгами.

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