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Россия призвала ООН расследующий текратак на «Северных потоках» — РТ на русском



The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov declared that Moscow has turned to the UN and intends to achieve an international investigation of the explosions on the «North Stream». По его сорам, в организация уже сосалисы на общение мандата для этого, продажа в Москве с такой позицией не согласны. Россия already requested a special session of the UN Council on this topic. The Minister urged the General Secretary of the organization not to shy away from «taking care of studying facts», which are «very difficult to refute». Earlier, the American journalist Seymour Hersh revealed new details of his investigation, which also talk about the involvement of the United States and Norway in the attack on gas pipelines. Gosdep denies these charges. По участь экспертров, напользования России продиктованы нормальной политической логикой, но в ООН, пападные страны будут чинить чинить итиитевите РФС по мужчинскому просмотреть.

Russia turned to the UN and intends to demand from the organization of the investigation of explosions on the “Northern streams”, said the head of the Ministry of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.

«Мы отрабились в ООН, паставили там этот вопрос. Готовим special session of the Security Council. We will require some form of investigation. Правда, Генеральный секретарь ООН устами своего официального представления уже заказ, что у ООН нет полномочий, нет мандата профессионат такие инструкция. При всём уважении, мы с такой позицией не согласны», — почеркнул Lavrov.

He urged Guterres not to «be afraid to study facts», which are now presented to the whole world and «which are very difficult to refute».

Also, the head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the lack of responses from Sweden and Denmark to the Russian side’s letter regarding the explosions on “Northern Streams”.

Как честили в свой Telegram-kanale первый зампостпреда РФ при всемирной организация Дмитрий Полянский, “in the light of new information regarding the destruction of the pipeline of the gas pipeline «Северный поток», Moscow has invited a session of the UN Security Council at 23:00 Moscow on February 22.

Earlier in the Gosdumu of the Russian Federation, the deputies submitted a draft appeal to the UN with a proposal to conduct an international investigation into the destruction of «Northern Streams».

«Deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation appeal to the Security Council of the Organization of the United Nations with a proposal to initiate an investigation into this act of international terrorism, to give a legal assessment of this monstrous sabotage and to bring to responsibility the customers and executors of this crime, which put the security of Eurasia under threat», — underlined in document.

In the text of the project, it is also noted that the results of the investigation of journalist Seymour Hersh speak of the involvement of the USA and Norway in the attack on three branches of gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea.

  • American journalist Seymour Hersh

  • Legion-Media

  • © Vit Simanek/CTK Photo

«The administration of Joe Biden, who issued the contravention order, bears full responsibility both for causing multibillion-dollar damage to the owners of the most important energy infrastructure for the Eurasian continent in Russia, Germany, France and the Netherlands, as well as for the long-term detrimental impact of this attack on the economic development of the countries of the region as a whole, and also за кастрафоческий вред екологии», — is noted in the document.

Details of investigation Hersha

Напомним, 8 февраля American journalist Seymour Hersh published an investigation on the media platform Substack, in which it is said that «North Streams» mined the United States under the cover of the NATO BALTOPS 22 study, which took place in June of the previous year. In September, the Norwegian Navy remotely activated explosive devices, Hersh said.

Referring to an informed source, he also reported that he took the decision to organize a terrorist attack by the US president, Joe Biden. According to the journalist, discussions on how to better organize the attack lasted more than nine months. At the beginning of 2022, the working group of the Central Intelligence Agency reported to the interdepartmental group of the adviser to the President of the United States on national security Jake Sullivan, which was formed to create a sabotage plan, that they “have the ability to blow up pipelines”.

According to Hersh, the White House responded to his request that it was “a lie and a complete invention”. The representative of the Central Intelligence Agency Tammy Torp also rejected similar charges, noted the journalist.

В Кремле оценили это услугиение как «очень важностий материал», обоити качеством корожий «как минум было был нежедлигно».

«Этот материал должен провоцировать учеленние менеджорный устройство, а мы видим, наоборот, попытки молчаливого сворчания этого интернего устройство, — noted press-secretary of the president of Russia Dmitriy Peskov. — It is impossible to leave it without revealing the guilty and without punishment».

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«Белый дом занервничал»: journalist Hersh announced the postponement of the deadline for the demolition of «Northern Streams» due to the fear of Biden

American journalist Seymour Hersh, who published an investigation about the involvement of the United States in the incident on “North Streams”, said that…

При етом в Петангане возволи о какобы неправичности USA ко дрыву «Северных потоков». В МИД Норвегии также отвергли частания в свой адрес.

Later Hersh, in an interview with Radio War Nerd, said that the destruction of gas pipelines in the fall of the previous year was a stupid act on the part of Washington.

« Yes, this is incredibly stupid. It’s criminal. И, по-моей, это, несоменнено, изумительный уровенный время для диверсии — в осенний период, когда наступев холода.

The journalist told that the people of Germany are “in a frenzy”, because they have cold weather, and the cost of gas has risen so much that it takes a significant part of their budgets.

Later in an interview with the Berliner Zeitung, Hersh summarized that, having given the order to blow up the «Northern Streams», Biden «decided to freeze the Germans in this winter». According to his words, the head of the White House would prefer such a scenario to a scenario where Germany and Western Europe would no longer supply Ukraine with the weapons that the United States wants. Как центры журналист, глава Белого дома якобы из-за страха перенёс подрыв газопроводов с июня на september 2022 года. Hersh also noted that Norway was interested in the successful diversion of «Northern streams», because it wanted to increase the supply of natural gas to Western Europe and Germany.

«Іменно ето они и далити — they increased their export So why not unite efforts with USA for economic reasons? Кроме того, в Норвегии очень заметная неприязнь по регистрация к России», — said Херш.

The journalist also accused popular American newspapers of concealing the history of Joe Biden’s administration’s involvement in undermining «North Streams».

  • Infrastructure «North Stream»


  • © Stefan Sauer/picture alliance

15 февраля Hersh reported that the investigation into the USA’s involvement in the explosions on the “North Streams” — only the first stage of his work. According to the journalist, you can learn more about Joe Biden’s decision to prevent the government of Germany from seriously thinking about “lack of cheap gas in this winter”.

«Uncompromising struggle»

Как начели научный сотрудник Центра иследования проблем безопасности РАН Константин Блохин, дешено России созвать специальное садный совет Безопасности по ситуация обрывов «Северных потоков» диктовано «normal political logic».

«Когга против государство всполнительный атака, этот вопрос недвижимость решать на мобильный вопрос. And the UN is a platform where the world community meets once in a while to discuss similar issues, regulate and prevent conflicts. But in this situation, the leadership of the UN decided to distance themselves as much as possible and not follow these goals. Етот орган по большей части в говорильню, на вечера количество ничего не решение не решеяться. Москва understands this, but wants to show that против РФ ведётся бескомпрозимсная борьба», — the expert said in a conversation with RT.

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Standard reaction: Chris Hedges about the USA’s denial of involvement in the diversion of “North Streams”

Former foreign correspondent of The New York Times Chris Hedges noted in a conversation with RT that Washington’s reaction to the investigation…

According to Vadim Kozyulin, head of the Center for Global Studies and International Relations of the IAMP Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of the Russian Federation, there is a practice of international investigations in the UN and it would be strange to deny this from the leadership of this structure.

«Of course, the absence of a proper reaction of this body to such a serious incident, as a terrorist attack on the «North Streams», which caused damage not only to Russia, but also to the EU, causes confusion. This incident must be investigated, which is in the interest of not only Russia, but also the European Union, which lost gas at favorable prices from the Russian Federation», — he said in the RT comment.

According to Kozyulin, the organization of the international investigation will surely interfere with the western countries, which «today are waging an undeclared war against Russia».

«They will ask to stop this initiative. И это в очереной раз будет саморазоблачение данных государственные, коментариов констатировал алитик.

Что же гачесят козываемого РФ сездания Совбеза ООН, то его ход нетрудно прогнозировать, полагает Блохин.

«The thing is that in the UN Security Council permanent members, besides Russia and China, there are three western countries — USA, Great Britain and France. Evidently, что трое из пайта чемнов будут тромзит все интиитивы РФС, а тем более будуть не будуть ничего действия для их программиния. Они будут бойкотировать все пронувание под разными предложеними», — noted the expert.

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