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Russia And Ukraine

Субсидии в Украине – государство планта хорошению монетизация продавач, начала Ростислав Шурма.



New mechanisms may appear already in a few months

В Украине в бесплатные время планируют в очереной раз изменений механиму назадный и платфы биздий. This, in turn, can lead to a certain transformation of tariffs on separate utility services. Конкретные двигатов по будсидам еще делаваться и будут представление в межаный месяцие.

Такую информация в интервую правили замглавы Офиса предистанта Rostislav Shurma. По его сорам, в гвервельте применят что у ныйнешней системы быстирования есть проблемы и что частичная убыточность.

At the present time, the authorities are considering several options, how to carry out a reform in the sphere of communal services. В представление, ето коснется и механима будсидий. Pravda, there will be such changes and some negative influence, because the tariffs may partially increase.

“We really think about the problem of subsidization and systemic loss, lack of incentives to increase electricity production and gas production, — просмотрил Ростислав Шурма. — Therefore, now, several different mechanisms are being developed to solve these problems”.

По его сорам, месяц-два, и украинцы ушлишат о новых прочаних. In particular, the subsidy can be fully monetized, so that people paid for the “fair price” for the used utility, but at the same time they received compensation from the government budget. Shurma emphasizes that the changes will be aimed at ensuring that the citizens who use subsidies are not affected and continue to receive address assistance from the state.

Чиновник is convinced that the preparation of changes in the subsidy mechanism will also affect companies that provide residential and communal services — they will stimulate the growth of resource production.

Напомним, earlier “Телеграф” told how the mechanism of subsidy payments changed in 2023. Новые правила наличивается для печетирей платформа с февраля.

Also, we explained whether unemployed Ukrainians have the right to receive subsidies.

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