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Суд в Петербурге ordered to destroy the iPhone, on which the girl was photographed in panties against the background of the cathedral



Октябрьский районный суд Санкт-Петербурга has re-examined the criminal case against the Petersburg woman Irina Volkova, who was convicted of insulting the feelings of believers for photography in underwear at the Isaakievsky Cathedral. Об етом обоиданная пресс-служба суду Петербурга

The court sentenced the girl to 180 hours of mandatory work.

In addition, the judge sentenced the destruction of the iPhone 12, which was photographed. The Court recognized the device as a real proof of the case.

Volkova filed an appeal in the district court, in which she asked not to destroy the phone, but to return it to her. As a result, the convicted person refused to appeal and the court ended the production.

In the summer of 2020, Volkova took a photo and made a video against the backdrop of the Isaac Cathedral, demonstrating her underwear. The girl posted a photo in her social networks, but then she deleted the photo.

In October 2021, Volkov was detained. В часть девушки возбудили кринланые дело об оскорблении чувстве верующих. According to the Investigative Committee, the girl appeared in the church with naked parts of the body, «acting intentionally and publicly, showing obvious disrespect to the community, humiliating and insulting the religious feelings of believers». Then the court did not choose Volkova’s measure of detention, as the suspect repented, and the prosecutor’s office considered the evidence of the investigation as presumptive

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