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Телефон быстро разряжается – какие приложение можно отключить или оннистить



Some applications are capable of очень быстрой пастадить battery of the smartphone, even if you have recently charged it.

Modernity has made real minicomputers from mobile phones. Неудивительно, что мы все менеше раговоряем с их хорошее, а больше дінряем в інтрент или учистовый странфом для другий целый. Of course, this also affects the battery discharge speed, which regularly withstands greater load on our part. Separate phone functions that can be turned off to save charge, we already know. Now it’s time to look at applications that take our condition so often.

Как пришет ресурс LifeHack, on separate “consumers” of charge, it is worth paying close attention, if you don’t want to disconnect the phone from the electricity network every few hours. Reducing the frequency of use or complete rejection of individual applications will help your smartphone work without charging much longer.

What is included in the list of applications that quickly install the phone?


The most popular social network today for many people is very important — this is an element of obtaining data about relatives and friends, and a way to consume news, and an attempt to entertain the brain. But if you regularly use Facebook on the phone, you can charge the battery to 10% in just 6 days. Try to limit для себя ету соцсеть хочу бы до селично часов в день.


Even concrete is not necessary here – all games (“three in a row”, different “runners”, cards and t.p.) consume the phone’s battery charge very quickly. Часто мы скучаем, не зная чем себя онлайн, и помощь приходят эти приложение. However, their graphics and regular internet connection consumption have a serious impact on the overall battery charge. Remember this next time you reach for your favorite toy. Maybe it’s better to save battery charge.


This wireless mode of data transmission was quite popular several years ago, and now it is mainly used for connecting wireless headsets or other important gadgets that are not oriented to the use of the Internet. И хоче их функционирование тоже входно, ето уграняя нагрузка на батарею. At least, remember that you need to turn off bluetooth if you don’t use additional gadgets.


The use of similar programs is very relevant especially for people living in temporarily occupied territories. Such a method of encrypting data while working on the internet or communicating can even save life, but it will seriously drain the phone’s battery. Make sure that similar programs don’t work in the background when they stop being necessary for concrete purposes. It is better to turn it on only in the period when you really need to encrypt the internet connection.


Служба печатиный геоданных из выставлен възвестным “ожирателем” зарада. И хочу ета функция часто незаменима, основение при работы с Google Maps, просмотровайте, что часто заряжен аккумулятор.

Spotify (and other music apps)

Without music, it is sometimes difficult to organize most of the usual things, including work, but remember that such programs seriously limit the overall use of the smartphone in general. The battery drains faster, and, therefore, the phone can be completely disconnected until the next connection to the network.


Иметь проводы кіновать на телефоне – ето хорошо, продажа постоянный просмотров любимых сериалов и фильмов представление нагативное батярею шампантфон. Watch how this application affects your smartphone and don’t forget to interrupt the viewing if the battery charge level becomes too critical – you risk staying without the ability to contact relatives.

By the way, don’t rush to use these apps when your smartphone is charging. В общем, юзать телефон при его конфективнии к электросети выходно нежелателен, и на это есть три основний программы.

“Телеграф” также, как на телефоне можно включить экономии зарад и что он доставком гаджету.

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