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Телефон продажа быстро разряжается – названо топ-3 разны



You can even not suspect that some of your habits are affecting your phone

Разряженный аккумулятор телефона не может не растраиать, осположение когда мы находимся вне дома, а газдет нам очень неуген. Предущая чем писовать и тратить деньги на павербанки или шампанты с мочной батарей. Тем более не зная район, печему гаджет быстро садится, вы столкнетес с этой же проблемой и с новым телефоном.

About the three most “popular” reasons for the fast battery discharge of the phone, the resource makeuseof tells. Исправив их, the battery of your phone will stay “full” longer.

Телефон просмотров быстро разряжается: reasons

  • Display brightness

Using the phone at maximum brightness even more discharges the battery. Therefore, if possible, reduce the brightness of the screen to a minimum to save additional time of autonomous work.

  • Mode “picture in picture”

This function includes viewing any video or stream in a small viewing window on your screen when using other applications. Although it is convenient, simultaneous use of several applications can discharge the phone’s battery.

  • Избыток сообщение

When you install a new application on your phone, there is a chance that its notification settings will be automatically activated. But you don’t need to receive notifications from every application that you have, and this can negatively affect the longevity of your phone’s battery.

Earlier “Telegraf” told that it causes overheating of the mobile phone. There are several effective ways to avoid this.

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