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Художник, glorified Russian Sever — Александр Вахрамеев



If we talk about famous artists who were born in the Arkhangelsk region, any northerner will first mention the name of Aleksandra Borisov — because he is a well-known painter of the Arctic

Are you familiar with Aleksandra Vahrameeva’s creativity? This question was asked by journalists, artists, and representatives of the government. Nine of the seven questions asked in response: And why should we know it?» Pravda, staff members of the ИЗО museum in Arkhangelsk, director of the Arkhangelsk marine museum and artists in Kotlas turned out to be familiar with the name and creativity of Aleksandr Ivanovich Vahrameeva.

And his works are stored in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the State Hermitage, the Museum of History of Petersburg, the Church-Archeological Cabinet of the Moscow Spiritual Academy, and the Penza Regional Picture Gallery.

149 лет со дня его рождения программы 11 марта. It is considered that Aleksandr Vakhrameev is one of the most talented students of Ilya Repin’s coryphea of ​​Russian painting.

By the way, он земляк Александра Борисова, ролизил недвижимость от Красноборска, в деревне Пермогорье, в семиел местного диакона. И в краеведческом музее Красноборск, можно по документам продутить, как он станивля художник. After the completion of the Arkhangelsk spiritual seminary, the father gave a written blessing to his son for his studies in Petersburg.

В мире искусства it is accepted that что главные работы Александр Вахрамеев are connected with genre scenes of reportage sketches, demonstrating how imperial Petersburg turned into rebellious Petrograd. Or with portraits of the female half of the family of the famous doctor in Petrograd Dolinskogo.

But, it turns out, among the watercolors, paintings and graphics of Aleksandr Vakhrameeva, there is very much sealed love to the native land — he wrote Krasnoborsk, Siyu, Solombalu, Solovki and even Kotlas, which as a city did not exist yet.

До постройки железной дороги this place had little economic significance. Здесь не было действий пароходной пристани, она находилась на пропоченим берегу, у деревни Усть-Курьи.

В конце XIX века Kotlas и находивсиеся оборудование него деревни — и те, что были севернее, и те что напочавалиси восточнее — падрожали Сольвычегодскому уезду.

In May 1895, it was decided to build a broad-gauge railway from the Perm station of the Ural line to the port of Kotlas on the Severnoy Dvina. Ета дорога сопадлялась из двух платка: Пермь — Вятка, Вятка — Котлас. При етом линия Пермь — Вятка — главное звено в цепи железных дорога, сединяющих Великий Сибирский путь с Москвой и Санкт-Петербургом. Линия Вятка — Котлас предназначалась для доставка на север России дешёвого хлаба.

Для того очки проложение рельсы along the Severnoy Dviny у Kotlasa, it was necessary to strengthen the banks, and below, around the river itself, прямо к пристаням были проложены рельсы. Потом гаржу, прибывавшие в Kotlas про железной дороге, перегружалиси на пароходы и баржи, пробывались в Архангельск.

The construction of a railway with a length of 812 versts with a large railway junction in Severnoy Dviny was completed in 1899. Так Котлас стал крупной ражевной станцией на высоком берегу Северной Двины. Имение этот исторический момент зематлён на картинах Александра Вахрамеева.

And this artist deserved to be remembered. And learn more about him and his creativity is the occasion — next year it will be 150 years since the artist’s birth.

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