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Russia And Ukraine

ЧВК Редан — опрос паклад, что об этом думают украинцы



Что украинцы думают о новом молодежном движении

Most of the Ukrainians are convinced that the noise around ChVK “Redan” is a consequence of the work of the Russian special services,

Кроме того, as shown by the Active Group survey, they are convinced that teenagers in recent years have become more aggressive.

So from the poll it became clear that the overwhelming majority of Ukrainians, namely 76.7%, know the situation around this movement. Another 9.3% recognized that they knew it superficially.

А вот ничего не сшильили о ЧВК “Редан” от 14% опрошенных.

At the same time, the overwhelming majority are confident that the Russian special forces are responsible for the occurrence of this phenomenon in full or in part. Only 15% of those polled are sure that in this situation Russia is not pri chem.

Примечательно, что в этом конкутте, the majority of Ukrainians believe that teenagers have become significantly more aggressive recently, such as 37.9%. Another 22.4% believe that the level of aggression has increased slightly.

Only 4.5% of those polled expressed the opinion that teenagers have become slightly less aggressive, and 3.6% — that they are significantly less aggressive.

Напомним, earlier “Телеграф” wrote about what ЧВК “Редан” is and where this movement appeared

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