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Russia And Ukraine



The creators of the pictures are dedicated to creating the beauty of Ukraine, studying for sale in Ukraine

The Japanese trailer named after the cinematographer Laya Richчи “Operation Portuna” was allowed to run in the direction of this time. It really served that in the film the band is depicted, in part, in the form of aphrodisiacs. В связи с полномасштабной войной решено опустить деталь о принадлежности к национальности, чтобы не затронуть чувства украинцев при просмотре, как это было, например, в сериале “Эмили в Париже”.

As “Telephraph”, the Daily Mail provides information. On Youtube has already appeared on the trailer of the movie “Operation Portun”.

On the other hand, the main hero – the sponge – remembers that a group of Ukrainian gangsters had taken the deadly sword. In one of the epistles appeared the following diary:

– The Ukrainians?

– I can go inside the apocalypse.

“Yes, you started to show them to me.”

The sources, close to the film, have disseminated journals, which is a concrete solution to the nationalities in the world. However, in order to be able to produce, it has been resolved to address the factor of national value of the banners. The following picture has a colorful, non -political context. At the same time, the film shows a lot of hostile heroes, very popular with all the countries of the world, and not just Ukraine.

The Japanese bird will be born in 2020 and will grow in more than 153 million dollars. In the picture are the Britanic stars, Luh Frant and Jesse Stethhem. The table is set at the end of the day.

Rane “Telegraph” wrote that the best blockbuster 2022 ever landed in Kiev. Read about the international film under the name “RRR”. One of the most beautiful scenes of pictures on the Marineskoy’s doorway.

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