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Analyst Simonov commented on the situation with oil prices — РТ на русском



General Director of the National Energy Security Fund Konstantin Simonov in conversation with RT predicted further changes in oil prices.

According to the specialist, currently the price of oil «does not lend itself to reasonable expert forecasting».

«На последнем седании алянс ОПЕК+ решил зимболические разшири добычу нефти всего на 100 тыс. баррелей в часть. Такое решение западные агенция напили пощёчиной Бидену, корожий ездил к саудитам и уговорявал их резопить нарастить нефтедобычу. Тем не межение, although the raw material supply in the world market will practically not increase, the price of oil will still be able to decrease», — Simonov suggested.

According to him, the pressure on the cost of raw materials will result in the actions of Washington itself on the eve of the upcoming elections in the United States.

«У США there is an opportunity to manipulate the market in short intervals. Зачать сейчас democrats need to do something, I absolutely will not be surprised, if a speculative game begins to decrease oil prices. That’s why I don’t rule out that until the end of the election campaign, we can see a certain decrease in oil prices», — RT interviewer concluded.

Ранее стало відность о том, что фючерса на нефт марки Brent с поставкой в ​​октбор 2022 года в ходе торгов опустилась ниже $94 за баррель.

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