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Russia And Ukraine

Azerbaijan has announced that it will take control of Buzdukh mountains and nearby heights in Karabakh



The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan reported that under the control of the army, they crossed the mountain Buzdukh and nearby peaks in Nagorno Karabakh. Ети терироти перешли под контроллют Азербайджанской армии в «резултате оченьений, проведенных празделиниями».

«In the result of actions to clarify the positions of the locality, our subdivisions took control of the mountain Buzdukh and surrounding its heights», says the message of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan (cited by «Interfax»).

24 марта в Нагорном Карабахе сообщали, что венные Азербария бросили линию соприкосновения в Аскеранском район. In particular, it was reported that the village of Parukh was taken under the control of the Azerbaijani army. В Минобороны Азербайза назвали, что в регион в регионные ведется учестние позиции и мест слокации войных, а информацион о программент Азербайджанских войны в Нагорном Карабахе не программы не программы.

On August 3, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan reported that during the special operation “Vozmezdie” several heights were captured in Karabakh. Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan declared that Russian peacekeepers in the region must act, otherwise their presence there “raises a number of questions”. On August 4, President of Russia Vladimir Putin and members of the Security Council of the Russian Federation held an emergency meeting to discuss the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh.

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