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Russia And Ukraine

Car repairs in Europe are now flat, but in it there are long -lasting gas, says Pavel Kuht.



The expatriate, as the “root repairs” option appears on the shelves

Free repairs to cars purchased in Europe will be replaced. The highest number in Ukraine will be available in a quarter of 1 month, one of which will be able to determine the amount of time.

As posted in the comments of “Aktam” Ukrainian economist and politician Pavel Kuchta, in the opinion of the main figures, the wealth of

“Тема с автомобилями очень цепляет людей. Тут действительно есть нелогичная ситуация, и я против того, чтобы их обкладывали налогами. Они не производятся в Украине, и эта тенденция продлится как минимум до конца года”, — сказал он.

The economist also added that there is nothing wrong with making it possible for people to buy cheap loans.

By the way, says Kuthta, from this, that in the country there is a place, people can be silently destroyed, and then they will be saved. In this way, it is said that a large amount of money will come to the bank, and then a large amount of money will be taken from the market.

Экономист призвал “не драматизировать” на тему подорожания автомобилей, поскольку Украине необходимо нормализовать ситуацию с импортом и устранить двойной курс валют. This, in his words, can save money and save internal production.

“This is the work of the site and the project of investment”, – said Kuhta.

Of course, the “Telephraph” spoke to the lawyer Ivan Kazakhuk, who was handed over to the director of the manual.

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