Chef added Linamo with 95 minutes – network reaction

Kiev club played 95 years

On Friday, May 13, on the 79th day of the full-fledged exchange of the Kiev office “Dinamo”, 95 years were spent. The Donetsk “Chef” sent an unimaginable war on the road with Ebalem.

The support post “Hornyaки” was arranged in Twitter.

The press service of “Gornyakov” provided the state-owned forces of the country with the same birth date, as well as the number of points.

“Welcome to a 95-m day of birth,” Linamo “! With the inability to live our new times after victory”, “he said.

In “инамо” responds to the introduction, note, that you want to compile with the users of their home stage – “Ансенбионе”.

“Thank you! To get to” Donbash-Arene “,-wrote the press service” Belon-sons “.

One of the users commented that the extension of “Denimo” shows us that Ukraine has already entered.

The keeper sent Linamo to 95 years and got a reply

The keeper sent Linamo to 95 years and got a reply

Add to that the fact that “Linamo” proved to be a product match on your birthday. On the line at the A.Le Coq Arena stage, Kyivlyan won the first Italian -style club – “Uloru”. Current score – 3: 0 in the Ukrainian collection.

However, it is well known that the 2021/22 championship of Ukraine will be well established.

Of course, the ex-glacier “Dinamo” received a range on the exchange.

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