Client Sberbanka and VTB are unavailable currency conversions between other Russian banks

In the words of the Serbian center-center tool, clients may not be able to change their mind simply by taking the key. “Valuable translations between banks, even in Russia, may be enriched in the communication of sentences,” he said.

The selection of currency translations in other Russian banks is already available in the application “Sberra”. All such offerings are offered because they are unknown.

About the analogy of the market, VTB. The credit organization pointed out that the bank provides alternative channels for the use of such transactions. “The safety of the bond is not from the bank, therefore the information on the date of the transfer of translation is not available,” said Vashnal.

On the VTB site it is noted that the Russians are currently able to obtain a platform in Belarusian rubles, Kazakh tattoos, Armenian margins. In addition to this, the Jewish people have available translations in foreign funds, and the company – in the citadel of foreign languages.

Also translated into currency by Alpha-Bank, Forbes reports. “From the well-established foreign banks, which are used in many currency exchanges, it is possible to do so.” Мы не можем повлиять на их решение или снять блокировку самостоятельно, поэтому отключили переводы как в зарубежные, так и в отечественные банки», — сообщили в пресс-службе банка.

Range UB claimed that after the execution of the sanction against the “Russian financial sector, the operation was carried out by the bank and the bank.” In communication with these Russian banks will be able to carry out various financial operations.

On the investment plan of the commission for the service of currency accounts, they have already advertised “Raiffayzenbank” and “Tenkoff”. According to Frank RG, there are other banks in the number of banks-Sitibanke, Bank “Saint Petersburg”, “Росбин”, “Росбин

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