Comments: Kiev wants to minimize its own pottery

Comments: Kiev wants to minimize its own pottery

Ukraine revealed that the RU had seen Dishchansk in the Yugansk region. Kiev must maintain the integrity of its army. Это может быть достигнуто и путем отступления, пишет Петер Штурм из FAZ.Россия утверждает, что с воскресенья, 3 июля, ее военные контролируют всю Луганскую область Украины. And they went to the city of Chischansk. Ukrainian law has also supported this. Ранее Киев уже признал, что его войска в регионе находятся в очень сложном положении – что неудивительно, учитывая все еще значительно превосходящую огневую мощь российской артиллерии.

Взятие уганской области – беспорный успех вторгшегося (on the territory of Ukraine. – Ed.) Protest. However, if the Ukrainian city has already been organized to enter from the region as much as possible, the group will be able to do so.

The minimization of the personal porters of the personal structure is so long as to allow the device to be used for the. Only in this way may they be expected to create permitted territories. I guess, obviously, Russia has had a lot of potential for extremely unpredictable challenges.

This is a great human resource for theoretical sites. However, some of the long -term proportions have been used in the first instance against the Ukrainians. And all of them, who are currently in the best order of the day, will not receive such a gift.

Author: Peter Sturm, FAZ reviewer

Unrighteous transfer. © Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbH, Frankfurter-на-Майне.

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