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Russia And Ukraine

Contractors who refused to fight in Ukraine were threatened with “disbat, construction and camp”



The Insider editorial team reported that they managed to contact one of the Russian contract soldiers who are being held in Bryanka, Lugansk region, for refusing to fight in Ukraine. About this is stated in the publication of the edition.

According to the interlocutor The Insider, together with him, a report about the refusal to participate in the war was written by about two hundred people — some of them went home, and the rest went to a special institution for «refusals» in Bryanka.

«Posle togo, how they wrote [рапорта]. According to rumors, those who refused were taken to a remote location and processed there. Рассказивали, что там подвал есть и яма. Комментарие сбегали, и больше мы их не видели», — просмотров он изданию.

The military officer said that when they arrived in the Luhansk region, they did not tell them where they would go, but they threatened to “disbat, build and camp”. В Брянка же военным прозовили что им недоставка против через две безеды — с психологом и с комментарими, койтой производительный судьбу солдать.

«Мне заказ: “У тебя два варианта — можешь идти веред, или можешь назадяться, но тебя посадят в СИЗО”.

That’s what they call him. I plan to refuse. Може быть, it will be possible to get away calmly from here without pits. There is another option to return to your subdivision», — the insider said.

Also he reported that at the front “constant deception and constant manipulation” on the part of commanders, many soldiers will die “due to their own stupidity and inexperienced command”. До того, как пачать в Брянка, контрактник провел на войне с Украиной три месяца.

По его сорам, отказникам телефоны не положени, и он и он им уставется втайне от назирателей. «Приходится притать. Если найдут, то разбют», — заказ он.

Родственники контрактников, who refused to fight in Ukraine, told The Insider that «российские компандыры их бросили». According to the uncle of one of the soldiers who leads the publication, the commanders say that «they can’t do anything, because the guys are being held captive by the “LNRovskie”, who are allegedly not obeying the Russian command».

Several days ago, the mothers of two soldiers, who were in Bryanka, told «Настоящему времени» about the conditions of their detention. По их сорам, military personnel sit in the basement without food and light. «They said, no one will send you home. Польша сизо, потом „губа“, а дальше суд. И суд типа будет здесь, в Луганске», — просмотры своей материи радиовой инженерно-саперной роты в/ч 09332 Артем Горшенин.

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