Delivery of Taro online on June 8, 2022 for all Yodika brands

This means the law becomes true

Meanwhile, on June 8, the latest news and current trends are announced.

To all of us thus speaks the clash of Taro from “Telegraph” on that day. To find out, if you want to know the name of Me, choose without further ado from the following charts:

Then look at what it looked like on the map:

And we describe them all:

Revisited Church of Jealousy

In this application, the map represents the potential of the unfriendly. You may not be able to decide on the second plan as it is from the field of life,-unfortunately, the car park, you have to take care of yourself.

A lot of money

In the meantime You can provoke yourself to be the kind of spiritual beings and not to be self-sufficient. The map shows that it is possible to update real -time products or bad news.

The Seemark of Jezluv

8 In the days of your life you may bring forth the virtues which you cannot bear. It can also be exposed to bad news.

I remember, ranee “Telegraph” said, in which there will be problems with the currency of this leaf on the map of Taro.

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