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Dmitry Savluchenko Cherson – This is the car that broke today, photo and video



The witnesses say that the judge is dead

At Friday, June 24, during the time of the purchase of the President, the car was repaired, as a result of which it was stolen. Внутри may be a representative of Dmitry Savlochenko.

Он был активистом от партии пророссийского блогера Анатолия Шария, которую уже официально запретили в Украине, и после захвата Херсона переметнулся на сторону врага. Free of charge for his car repairs the local channels, one There is no official support or verification of this information.

Vзрыв program about 8 hours, at this time, as visually in the video with the place alone, the car is a strong city, and the people of the city. Also, according to their words, the transport mediums were booted, which were stopped.

Car parked, booted up

Sherson is driving a car today

And here’s what got out of the machines after it broke

On the current channel channels, you can enter Dmitry Savluchenko, – after the purchase of the President of the House of Commons, “

В 2014 году Савлученко был активистом на митингах за “русскую весну”, после чего угодил в поножовщину с “Правым сектором”, на время пропал, а потом появился как создатель молодежной организации “Новая Русь”, название которой говорит само за себя.

Dmitry Savlochenko Cherson

Savlochenko actively taught in the pro -Russian minings

Dmitry Savlochenko Cherson
Dmitry Savlochenko Cherson

Стоит заметить, что Херсон все месяцы оккупации пытается бороться с захватчиками, — пока была возможность, люди ходили на митинги за Украину, даже несмотря на силовые разгоны. Now such activities are free for life.

One of the parties did not forget: only on the last minute in the President the car was repaired and the car was sold.

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