EVERYTHING from Zaporozhya to Melitoopol, envisioned by Mar Fedorov, map

Ukrainian lands soon to be decoupled

Ukrainian warehouses are sold on the shelf management in Melitoopolis.

On that day at the crossroads, June 19, in its proceedings, the law of the Great Barrier Reef of Ukraine was announced. Ivan Fedorov.

On this day, the armed forces of Ukraine have sold their heroes and are already in the hands of the Prince. And I am convinced that in the near future, Christ will be able to destroy our enemies. This is the situation under the administration of the city of Melitopol, – already 10 kilometers from the town of Lippor Vertor“, – edited Fedorov.

Operational on the main read on our TV

He also added that in the future, Ukraine will receive all the more backward resources, which it has gained.

I hope that in the near future it will be possible to decipher our city and save our people.“, Added Mary Melito.

It is worth noting that Melitoopol will be able to enter the Russian market on the first day of the month.

Map of the birds of the islands of Melitoopol 19.06.2022

Real control, as a frog line

Like a dog “Telegraph”in Melitopol offers a possible partition, thanks to which the suppliers will be able to work on it.

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