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Filtration labels under Mariupolem – as all appear and when it comes to those who did not succeed in filtration



Get the travel guide and the steps to pick up may not be all

Чтобы выехать с оккупированной россией территории украинских граждан принуждают к процессу “фильтрации”, в частности, так происходит в захваченном и полуразрушенном Мариуполе.

“Telegraph” data is collected about it, as it passes through the process and what will be purchased.

Согласно данным уполномоченной Верховной Рады по правам человека Людмилы Денисовой, украинцев напрямую и через “фильтрационный лагеря” депортируют в удаленные регионы россии. Such “emergence” people have been planned to be banned – already deported 1.3 million people with overhauls.

The word Genisovoy confirms CNN, about the fact that in the market for the territory of the undersigned, the main power of the Miripopod. Only at that point on May 17, in terms of purchases, more than 33 thousand Ukrainian grants were searched for “filtration”. Очевидцы рассказывают — без специальной “бумажки”, которую выдают оккупанты после фильтрации выехать невозможно — по Мариуполю развешаны объявления о невозможности эвакуации без прохождения унизительной процедуры.

This will result in filtration time

In the network, there was a video with one of them, who organizes the application of purchases to the purchased territories. He explained in the details how to open the locks and what they are willing to do, based on the official version of the purchase. A man named Nikolkskoy is called the North-North Maritime River.

In Nikolskom and the Czech Republic organized the “filtration” of Ukraine

It combines various groups, records the transport data, carries the printing presses, selects and processors, processors. After that, it is difficult to find “nationalists”. The witnesses say that the photo was taken in a flash, pages in the community, the testimonials were hacked, hacked.

Questions and citizenship

Согласно свидетельствам тех, кто прошел через фильтрационные лагеря оккупантов, допросы сопровождались угрозами и избиением, мужчин заставляли раздеваться. CNN публикует свидетельства Александра Вдовиченко — его избили так, что у мужчины необратимо ухудшилось зрение, били каждый раз, как допрашивающим не нравились ответы. The women, Mary, wondered who had searched for Ukrainian characters, symbols, tattoos.

Часть людей “фильтрацию” проходят больше месяца — они могут содержаться как в Безыменном, так и вывозиться на территорию, оккупированную в 2014 — в колонию в Еленовке Донецкой области или печально известную тюрьму боевиков “Изоляция”. In Elenovko were raised young women, great heroes, activists, journalists, and all who showed up.

Holding people here does not have 36 points in individual services – by limiting it to 850 people, it will be enough. There is no possibility of lying to people. Water – not every day, water – a bag of 10 people, and in the kitchen will be able to choose a race in the kitchen. Some will be selected, but they will be able to subscribe to books.

Denisova also added that in Bezynnom and Kozachom (Novoazovsky region) can accommodate about 4 thousand. Intermediate purchase plans on our – mobile phone sales. The father of Karyins in the filtration range since April 12 – the woman does not say she will be released. The same filtration of the maritime region of Mariupol Russia was organized in Dokuchevske, Nikolskom, Minkouche.

By this time your turn to filtration can be a little longer and more. All watch from the sea, recount the best course, part of the booths at all times.

The “Telagraph” publicly posted a video recording of how people could live in a philanthropist. Purchases make life even more valuable and people with wealth.

At the same time, they were sold in the Maritime Chamber of Commerce.

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