Hepatitis A, cholera, grill and leptopyrus can be purchased by purchase in fresh water

Hepatitis A, cholera, grill and leptopyrus can be purchased by purchase in fresh water

Intermittent microorganisms are formed in the precincts of the silt.

In the waters of the sea, which are pure and unadulterated, the waters shall come up in the midst of the rivers, the rivers and the mighty men. Buying in fresh water, usually it will be oyster, water in the right amount of time, the price of a large amount of inventory.

The portal “apteka.ua” added a top-fifth of the most expensive solutions, which can be absorbed in such waters.


It is one of the most powerful, which can be supplied through a large amount of water and water, the composition of the properties. Green vigils live 5-25 days and can easily settle in the organization from a small island.

Next you will add that the chlorine batteries will be separated from those who are willing to go to sea. And the little ones may be thrown into the water, holding the yolk.


There is a lot of protection, which can be put in water. Bacteria provide water with such living things as crayons, mice, snails and animals. After that they live in the water for 25 days.

Disposal of leptopyrosis is possible by contacting the contact lenses with refilled water.

Interoviral infection

Эта инфекция попадает в воду с фекалиями людей, после чего вирус, оказавшись в кишечнике или дыхательных путях человека, вызывает сильную тошноту, рвоту, диарею, лихорадку, сыпь на теле и может даже спровоцировать появление ангины. Mining, micro -card, and per -card are displayed in the following settings.

Infections (microscopy)

Grip provides water from reserved people or agents, which they use. Infections can also be expressed in water to the blessing of poultry, live, and even wild animals.

In general, such infections are mediated and provide a chronological format. Out of the water of the firstfruits came leather, staples, and fat bodies.

Virus’s epitome A.

This form of hepatita is provided by the use of raw materials, water and products of cooking. The first protection system lasts about 30 days. Отмечают нарушение общего самочувствия, тяжесть и боли в правом подреберье, повышение температуры тела, окрашивание слизистых оболочек и склер в желтый цвет, изменение цвета мочи. If you want to hide the form, this will lead to a wide range of travel desks.

Restoration of promises – simple gifts

  • If the water table is installed with the label “Buy Preferred”, it is not necessary to enter the water;
  • Choose your own water, you will find no goods from pure supplies, farms, stalls or markets;
  • Avoid overcrowded beaches;
  • If in the water you see the birds feeding, then, they are all true, then they will eat parasites and microbes;
  • Do not buy in “flowered” water or in these, where from the water shines imperviously;
  • The categories are divided into five water from fresh water;
  • Make it so that the water does not spread to the hair and chrysanthemums.

The “Telephraph” ran as soon as possible to get rid of the grievous infection – the protection of the disease.

great information on medical topics, distributed on the Telephore site, notices of the information calculator.

The practice of many medical prescriptions should be combined with a lot of pain.

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