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In Great Britain, the east of the Thames crossed for the first time



Исток реки Тамза first пересох из за сахи, корой высовный онаномальной жарой в Брейтинглийская. Об етом пишет edition The Guardian.

According to the newspaper, the east of the Thames crossed in the county of Gloucestershire «after a prolonged period of heat». Now a weak stream «hardly discernible at a distance of more than five miles (eight kilometers) downstream».

According to the director of scientific work at the ecological organization Rivers Trust, Rob Collins, scientists predict that droughts will occur. Also, weather forecasters expect a temperature rise of several degrees higher than the average, especially in the south of the country.

In the largest British company on water supply, Thames Water asked citizens to be more economical in the use of water. So, for example, people were advised to turn off water while cleaning teeth. In the government they emphasized that real bans on the use of water can be introduced in the country, the adoption of such measures will depend on the number of [потребляемой на разные цели] water».

Ранее в 88 департаментах Франции ввели конструкция на конступное воды из-за очень засхи. Уровень зашухи во Франции растет из-за аномальной жары. С такой же ситуацией отдушлиси и другие страницы Европы. So, in Spain from 10 to 14 July, 237 people died from extreme heat.

Помимо етогу, Portugal is experiencing severe drought, which leads to forest fires and other disasters.

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