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Russia And Ukraine

In Great Britain they detained more than 10 people who helped Russians evade sanctions



Национальное агентство по бургим с примечностьу (British analog FБР) reported that since the end of February, about a dozen people were detained in the country, who helped rich Russians evade sanctions, writes the publication «Agentstvo».

Одном из фигурантов таких дел может быть градизон Британии, работающий в компании, контакты занамалась управление недвижимостью Петра Авена. Bloomberg previously reported that the British police began checking to establish whether it violated sanctions.

Целю задержаний спецслужба называет «подрыв устервенности» representatives of Russian elites and their helpers in opportunities to bypass restrictions. The representative of the agency announced the appearance of first signs that investigations and arrests are reducing Russian investments in London.

«Мы противостоим протишику, жимой, по сути, языпать государство. Речь идет о том что начать названияться от концепции «Лондонграда», когда люди могут современно приходится от программ свой денег и делать все что им нравится», — declared in the National Crime Agency.

The agency also reported that after the start of the war, there was a significant increase in the number of reports of suspicious operations in banks and other regulated institutions.

Financial Times previously reported that after the start of the war, Russians practically lost the ability to buy real estate in London due to more thorough checks of their funds, refusal to work with clients from Russia on the part of agents, and sanctions introduced or expected.

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