In Moscow found the deadliest high-rise president “Gasprombanking” with his family

Главное следственное управление СКР по Москве возбудило уголовное дело после обнаружения в квартире на юго-западе Москвы тел бывшего вице-президента “Газпромбанка” 51-летнего Владислава Аваева, его жены и дочери.Главное следственное управление Следственного комитетп России (СКР) по Москве возбудило уголовное After the transfer to the quarters of the Hezapade of Moscow three trucks, they joined in the distribution of 18 square meters, “Roud. According to the TASS, according to an unnamed source, the report states about the first high-rise of the “Dashprom 51-man” dandel of Adjash.

The top-manager with standardized policies was deployed in the quarters of the Inverts Science Project. In the predecessor version of the successor, Abai began to marry his wife and daughter, after he had finished with her. The parents called the police after that, as if they could not communicate with the family.

The next committee started the meeting on ch. 2 tsp. 105 EC (love of two and more faces). Дверь была заперта изнутри, следов взлома и пребывания в доме других людей лиц следствие не обнаружило, поэтому склоняется к тому, что причиной убийства стал бытовой конфликт. On the occasion of the defeat, the commander of the Chief of the Second Command of the SC in Moscow, Andrey Styregov Styregov.

This is also news on the Deutsche Welle website.

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