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Russia And Ukraine

In Moscow, the letter of designers from Kiev was used in the market “ENR”



Russian propagandists open designer letter from Kiev

In the Russian version, in the middle of the day, the Ukrainian designers used the script of “Plot of the NR”. The uniqueness of this situation adds to the fact that the letter KTF Jermilov was in the propagandist banners, florchrists.

On this day, June 22, one of the designers took note. Oless Gergon on your Instagram page. The second author of the letter is Evgeniy Anfalov.

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“Russian faculties used our KTF Jermilov for their latest propagandists without rigors and grievances,” he said.

Russia uses Ukrainian script for its products

It is worth noting that KTF Jermilov, a built -in designer from Kiev, has been used in the fleet of companies. In particular, the slogan “Be as beautiful as Ukraine” appeared on Tims Skver in New York.

The same thing happened to the hotel under the name “Pension Europe”.

It should be noted that the “NRD Plateau” was launched in Moscow during the May event, when certain places were signed. Местным жителям предлагали выбрать один из трех вариантов: площадь Защитников Донбасса, площадь Героя россии Владимира Жоги или площадь так называемой “Донецкой Народной Республики”. Then the Russians chose three variants.

Ранее “Telegraph” сообщал, что сеть заведений быстрого питания “Вкусно и точка” (“Смачно и точка”), которое накануне открыли в Москве вместо McDonald’s, украла логотип у португальской компании Matosmix, производящей корм для животных.

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