In the Netherlands, farms blocked ports and supermarkets

In the Netherlands, farms blocked ports and supermarkets

In Nederlands, the supply chain was blocked by the supply chain on the 4th of July. The protests closed on the way to a number of tractor centers and scenic scenes. Fish, supporting farms, in the sign of solitude blocked a small number of ports.

As a result of the recent event, you will be able to travel with all shipments in the Vatto River in the northern part of the Northeast. The companies offered long -term solutions. Центральное объединение продовольственной торговли Нидерландов назвало действия протестующих неприемлемыми, предупредив, что это может привести к дефициту продуктов питания в магазинах.

Forces, announcing the activities of the protesters, introduced the term “paralyze all countries”. In the blockade there are airports in the Netherlands. Because the airports are working normally. We do not report problems and on most of the transport art sites. The number of police will be limited, unless demobilists are able to reach the international airport of Skyphamp Port.

For the last few weeks, the farms have already repeatedly protested against the new ecological records. In some cases, the protesters were defeated.

When required, the choice of oxy oxide in the atmosphere should be as high as 70 percent. In terms of standards, this leads to bankruptcy by about 30 percent of stockholders. In fact, in the case of the pressure, the main effect of high levels of acidity is increased. Nederlandov’s corrective judgment in 2019 has been established, in order to correct the default numbers of the shortage of the gas tank.

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