Inflation in Turkey increased to 79 percent

Inflation in Turkey increased to 79 percent

Especially in Turkey, there is transport and sales. Оппозиция обвиняет правительство в приукрашивании ситуации с дороговизной.В Турции продолжается стремительный рост инфляции – в июне этот показатель увеличился до 78,62 процента, сообщило национальное статистическое ведомство в понедельник, 4 июля. Only 74 percent of the investments in Turkey. Transports and sales were heavily supported. Prices in the year of analysis rose to 138 percent (plus 6.8 percent compared to margin).

The report of the law enforcement in Ankara in the preparation of statistics. According to testimonials, infiltration in Turkey is significantly higher. Based on the Stambula Influence Center, Enag added, that in a year, life was reduced to 17,55 years in Turkey.

The benefits of infiltration

Information in Turkey is very popular in the community. Already a new increase in the price is allowed to sell the national currency of the country, due to the result of the debt of the bank. Availability and prices for energy companies, especially in the case of the Russian -sponsored agency in Ukraine. Expatriates also claim that Central Bank of Turkey is undetectably prone to high infiltration. Active regulators with longevity have also slowed down the political process.

Economists estimate that increasing the percentage of measures can sustain a large number of investments. At the same time, the President of Tourism, Mr. Tayip Erdogan, claims that the amount of information received will increase. The centrobank follows the lines of Erdogan and is then separated from the progressive standards. With January the key stamp in Turkey consists of 14 percentages.

This is also news on the Deutsche Welle website.

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