Irina Cherbakova from “Memoraria”: “I WANT YOU TO SAY PUTINA IN UGOL”

Ирина Щербакова, соосновательница ликвидированного в России “Мемориала”, рассказала в интервью DW о престижной немецкой премии, войне в Украине, политике Запада в отношении России и трагедии российского общества.В четверг, 16 июня, в Берлине награждают престижной премией Карла Вильгельма Фрике “Международный Memorial “. С 2017 года эту премию вручает Федеральный фонд исследований диктатуры Социалистической единой партии Германии (Bundesstiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur) за вклад в борьбу за демократические права и свободы и против диктатуры. Жюри отметило выдающуюся работу “Мемориала” по сохранению памяти о жертвах политических репрессий и преступлениях советского режима, а также их борьбу за соблюдение прав человека.

Европейским государствам нужно избавиться от страха перед Россией, говорит накануне вручения премии председательница совета общества “Мемориал” Ирина Щербакова в интервью DW.

DW: Let’s start with the tradition of such practical questions. What makes the presentation of this award for you and for “Memory”?

Irina Cherbakova: That’s exactly what happened. Of course, we are not fortunate enough to have done so. Цели этой премии отвечают тем задачам, которые ставил перед собой “Мемориал”: сохранять память о жертвах коммунистического режима и добиваться для них справедливости. And prepare all things, that they may remember that they have been saved. These are our main ideas, which do not reflect your current activities, and take advantage.

– How did you describe the context, in which “Memorial” gets this award?

– “Memorial” in Russia will be closed (in December 2021 when the trial of the “Memorial” center ” – Ремодаме. This would have been a very difficult issue for the community. He was caught in the middle of the night – when we had not yet ascertained, that he was caught, only to be taken away. The mental process was simple and completely living, out of all the Greek mind. This was the premise that the situation would be silly.

The “Memorial” fund received a large amount of support from the grocery store in the same countries and countries. But this is going to be a tragic day. “Memorial” was raised with a protest against the war. Some of our corrective structures will extend to the streets and protest.

We know what it is [война имеет прямое] attention to history and progress, which transcends the travel regime. It was then that in which we had to provoke aggression, we had to destroy and destroy our society. Therefore, it is important to note that at all times we are dealing with: aggravation, geopolitics, and the use of “fossil fuels”.

– European governments and organizations are currently in a position to support the organization of the organization?

– Finally, we are talking with you on one note for our day (June 14 – Ed.). A lot of people in Europe are judging by the rights of people who have protested against the law on “inhalants”. This is a law, which gives the possibility of protest against activists and large organizations. And here, I know, today the ESP introduced this law unlawful and violates our righteousness and self. By the way, this (color view – Red.) Has produced quite a lot of time. And Russia’s health is much worse than the Soviet Union’s, of course, that’s the solution to the problem. We hope that this will be used in long -distance international trials, which will be re -enacted.

The capital city in the back countries – and especially in the countries of Eastern Europe – is an active force, “he said.” А вот в Западной Европе чиновники, государственные структуры и политики часто ведут себя совсем не так, как неправительственные организации и гражданское общество. Bureaucratic scavengers make all kinds of animals. Не принимают решений, которые необходимо сейчас принимать в поддержку Украины, не могут решить бюрократические проблемы людей, которые бегут, например, из России и преследуются режимом.

There was such a thing as fear before Russia. It makes sense, that is [в Европе] there is a need to admire the good price. Fear will destroy Putin in the land, fear that he will keep the land of the LORD in his hand. At the heart of history, this is a very interesting position. And there are many in history, when such fears and anxieties test from the answers of those who have been rebuked. Therefore, we are convinced of the dignity of the civil society. And in that moment came the introduction of Carla Greece – the first realization of such support.

– How to close the “Memory” on your work with historical memory and archives. Is the work blocked?

– No, the work is progressing. There are people who work in Moscow and to distribute lands. There is the possibility of customary work – our archive in large stages, thanks to the blog, optimized. We are convinced that we can make it possible for someone to get into a digital format with a lot of different people, in a very small amount of time. I think that the work on the organization of construction and archiving will be carried out, but it is very difficult. But in addition, it is “Memorial” – a international organization. We have organizations in Germany, Poland, Hezekiah, France, Ukraine. These organizations continue the work.

– In connection with the introduction of “Memoraria” in many descriptive assignments for the archives of the organization. How much does this archive have and do you want for its safety?

– Archive is great. In the eighth document, the testimony of ten thousand people. At one time it was a good example of a long -term recipe, and at one time it was only two measures, which all went away. It is also a unique collection of professional artists and lovers. These are truly immeasurable animals, which are gathered on the cross. They gathered on the cross, so that the tenths were obtained, and a lot of questions were done. But we believe that this is what we have to save. But when we can turn to full -fledged work – this little is not known.

– How are you currently watching in the future “Memoraria” and Russia?

– “Memory” – this is an organized part of our memory. Bless me, I have already published a lot, collected, planned, to make it impossible. And just as we were trying to get people to get away from these publications, they all went straight to the place.

But if I talk about Russia, then I have a psychic prophecy. So, what is now going on with Russia, with the Russian society – this is an organized strategy. Absolutely dangerous. Picking up from this will be one hour, one hour, one day. И если наступит момент, когда люди в России все-таки решат большинством, что надо бороться за такие банальные вещи, как демократия и свобода, то цена, которую придется заплатить, будет очень высока. I do not believe in it. I don’t know, I know it, I know it.

This is also news on the Deutsche Welle website.

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