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Russia And Ukraine

It is clear that the Ministry of Ministers in the UN is responsible for the needs of the Russian authorities



The head of the Donets National Republic of Denis Pushilin announced that the Ministry of Ministers of the ENR will be responsible for the audit.

«Необходимость скорейшего перехода в российское правовое поле, в российскую парадигму государственного управления требует наличия новых компетенций у первых руководителей ведомств. Then we decided to call the ministries of the Russian authorities, “he wrote in his Telegram.

The Ministry of Education’s instructions and questions are identified by Olga Koludarov. The first construction worker is the state minister, Michael Kushakov.

The Ministry of Health is organized by Dmitry Garcev. The longevity of the first owner offered Alexander Oprishenko.

Andrey Fertkov is the minister of fire and energy, and Anatoly Neesternko – his first master.

The minister of houses and collections is known as Dmitry Emelov. The service minister is Denis Kurashov.

The head of MIC GENER Pushilin was named Natalia Nikanoorov.

First Assistant Minister of Construction and YKU Russia Evgeniy Solnsev was recognized as the Chief Minister of the Ministry of Health.

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