Ivan Redkach posted a photo with Dmitry Bivolom during the war in Ukraine with Russia

Ukrainian sports do not see in the picture with Russia anything bad

В воскресенье, 19 июня, на 116-й день полномасштабного вторжения рф в Украину уроженец Сумской области Иван Редкач решил похвастаться снимком с чемпионом мира по версии WBA в полутяжелом весе россиянином Дмитрием Биволом.

Subscribers posted by Ukraine on your site in Twitter.

Redkach pointed out that in order for him to play in politics, this principle will go into history in the world. It is also interesting to note that boxers are running in more races than politicians.

“Нужно разделять спорт и политику. Хоть этот принцип и уходит в историю и следует признать, что они неразлучны, но для меня спорт остается вне политики. Так как усердно трудятся спортсмены, а в данном случае потом и кровью – ни один политик так не трудится “Count the guests in your carpets. You do not want to go to the bank with the left”, – wrote the boxer.

In the box office, there were reports of Russian executions in Ukraine, as well as a campaign.

Ukraine described Photo Gallery with Bivolom

Ukraine described Photo Gallery with Bivolom

It is well known that Mike Tayson was unaware of his arrival in Ukraine. The next boxer announced that he was with the Ukrainian people.

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