Kharyan: “Dinamo” thought, that it can win the class, but it is not so

Арсен ахарян розаитник московского «инамо” Арсен ахарян

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“I can’t tell anyone from the games that they got different times.” Let me know, I know, there is something wrong “, – describes the word Kazakh” Match TV “.

In his opinion, the weight of the white-collar seems to have risen, as a matter of fact, so that the committee does not reach the concession.

“I thought we could play” in class, “but it turned out not to be so. But it would have been possible to pick up and play with such interest, and not with such materials, ”he said.

He noted that the dynamics played well with “Zokomotivom”, but in the second time they lost unnecessary milk.

“Окомотив” played last night with “Dinamo” with a score of 3: 3 on the station “RH Arena” in Moscow. Suburban Sandra Dorsa will occupy a second place before the last tour. With this in the group it will be an eye, a circle and in “Sochi”, with which it is and will be able to connect to the network.

The first president of “Chokomotiv”, Olga Smorodskaya, raised the idea that “Dynamo” was able to play at 3: 1 p.m.

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