Kiev today – in the park on Volkova man identified a young woman – photo

The holder has already been notified of the additions, but now he can add the mark to the view of the personalities of the person

В Киеве полицейские задержали мужчину, который обоснованно подозревается в совершении действий сексуального характера в отношении жительницы Деснянского района. The man offered to leave her home after he had been identified.

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On the fifth day, they joined the police community of the city of Kiev.

В рамках следствия было установлено, что неизвестный изнасиловал 23-летнюю киевлянку на территории лесопарковой зоны, расположенной на улице Космонавта Волкова.

Memory card, where the presentation was successful

По словам руководителя Деснянского управления полиции Зураба Меликидзе, правоохранителям удалось выяснить, что молодая женщина находилась недалеко от остановки общественного транспорта. At that moment, he bought a car with the mark “Mercedes”, the owner of which he offered to buy a car. At the time of the flight, a new acquaintance had installed the machine and began to visit the kitchen, after which it was branded.

В рамках расследования преступления правоохранители пообщались с возможными свидетелями и просмотрели записи с камер видеонаблюдения, что позволило им в считанные часы установить предполагаемое местонахождение злоумышленника. He was described as living a long life, 1991 when he was born. The transport medium, the supply chain we relocated, we lost our way.

As a result of being in the press-center of the police, it is not allowed to take into account the legal responsibilities of a person who has been appointed personally.

Kiev, specifically referred to as young women

Kiev, specifically referred to as young women

The man has already announced the additions to the records in parts 1 and 152 of the Codex of Ukraine. The question of choosing one of the worlds will be read in a strange way.

Rane “Telegraph” reported that the undisputed Ukrainian girl, whose Russian origin was invested in a foreign currency.

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