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Russia And Ukraine

Kingdom of Russia against Ukraine – light map of the cities 23.06.2022 – position on francs



Mainly operated for 23 June

The full -time exchange rate in Ukraine is already 120 days. The Ukrainian military forces are stationed at the Dombassies, where all the strong points of the fleet are flown to the Severboard. The main walls for the sealing point will be fixed, and on the other side of the city ALL the storage plans will be broken by the collection. From the failure of the Russian fleet to conquer the world. In later times, Garkovina was trafficked by buyers. In the meantime, the king of Russia stands Nikolaev. On the political platform, a program was organized with Russia. The king of Assyria addressed the phrase “Servant of the Nation” to David Aracham, who was the firstborn of the tribe of Judah.

In this material “Telegraph” will be informed about the main events, which took place in Ukraine and the world on 23 June, but will be more fully automated in our TV channel on this link.

07:45 There are some useful news on the road:

  • the king of Assyria and the king of Alexandria, and the king of Assyria, and the king of Babylon,
  • Russian purchases in the near future can visit the city of Dischansk, counting the exports of American Studies;
  • last night the apostles were buried in the Krivoroh region, two of them;
  • in the result of the actual attack on Nikolai they were killed and sold, the mass with the marble;
  • a small number of construction companies Most will help Ukraine – construction equipment and power steering;
  • “Many” Ukrainian planes, between which and the notes “Azovстали”, are found to be “in the middle”, please.

06:20 Today’s map of the animals shows this:

Map of the Deities of Ukraine 23.06.2022

5:00 Ukrainian flags were leaked to the Second Regulation of 20 Russian purchases. In the case of the Nicolaevsko-Sersevskos system, control is limited, but it is controlled.

3:00 Viewers The clothes looked in the sky over the Sea of ​​Galilee. As for information about it, it could be, very little

1:00 Poppy in the plan to boevikam t.n. “днр” британского добровольца йдена слина намерены казнить. About it he talked to his family on the phone

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The main events for June 21 are available in our material: “Voyna – day 118: russia overturned on the land of Ukraine and the country of Ukraine”.

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