Kononov reads that football in Russia will be programmed – РТ in Russian

First head coach “Sparataka” Oleg Kononov shared his results from the 29-year-old “Спартака” tour “

“I think football is all right today. In the first period the best game was “Linamo”, in the second – “Zokomoth”. I always sympathize with football, where the focus is on the father, who wants to be on the verge of not being able to take it. Excellent football », – offers the words Kononova Sport24.

In his words, in the RP in many clubs have been able to share the greatest memory of the youth. He also pointed out that young coaches have become accustomed to playing football.

“I think our football will all rightly be programmed. We will be able to play or the net”, – he said.

He went to Moscow on the station “RH Arena” and finished with a score of 3: 3, which after the first time the number of stars.

“Linamo” averaged 53 hours and won second place on the table of the Russian champions in football. “Zokomotiv” (45) is located on the right track.

He sent a large group of Russians to Rome.

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