Kramatorsk opened up on April 8-at the hands of the Russian army there is a Tocka-I

Prosecutors plan to visit Kramatorsk in Ukrainian rivers

Материалы белорусских и отдельных российских СМИ времен совместных военных учений Беларуси и россии “Союзная решимость-2022” опровергают нынешние заявления боевиков “ДНР” насчет их вооружения. So, meanwhile, the results of the “Tochek-I” results are not correct.

Information is provided “Telegraph”, refers to “Beltu”.

Why don’t you win your victory against the Ukrainians?

In the material from February 15, 2022, the time is clear, that Russia and the Belarusians have been working on the “budget”- С учетом того, что военнослужащие армии рф сейчас в открытую воюют на Донбассе, не прикрываясь боевиками “ДНР” и “ЛНР”, использование подобной техники вполне возможно.

Similar news was published again, as a minority, one proputational publication – “Russian magazine”.

При этом российская пропаганда продолжает гнуть свою линию, обвиняя в атаке на вокзал Краматорска, откуда эвакуировались мирные жители, украинских военнослужащих. During this meeting in the Danish Telegram-channels about which “benefits” were used by the “distribution of the vestment”.

Russia is still trying to “break” from the availability of “Tochek-I” on its weapons in its arsenal.

It is interesting to note that while in the network, there was a video of two racks in front of them, as if they had been overtaken by an atomic racket. In fact, it could have been the names of the people who lived the lives of at least one -tenth of the world. Most of all, they were saved from the under -controlled boating of the Chefter.

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