Leah Ahechakova wants to visit Ukraine after she wins the war with Russia

The 83-year-old Russian actress said that Ukraine has set up a tourist regime to “wake up and greet”

Народная артистка россии Лия Ахеджакова, которая давно выступает против диктаторского путинского режима и поддерживает Украину в ее борьбе, заявила, что она устала от развязанной россией войны.

I was in the 83-year-old Akheddhaqova Institute posted post, in which the political aggression of his country was suspected.

Why don’t you win your victory against the Ukrainians?

Just as I set out from that field, I don’t want to comment on anything. Rising from this great greatness of roses, the graves for “your” earth. Stay off the road“, – introduced the actress.

Also Ahedzhakov expressed the desire to travel to Ukraine after winning the war with Russian buyers.

I want peace, space, safety. I want to see people who are living, healthy and prosperous. I want to go to Ukraine after their victory. And now Ukraine, in fact, is working on two frames – and the country is its own store, and the tourists are ready to travel.“, – wrote the actress.

Leah Ahechakov said, “It was built by the way

What is known about She Ahedzhakov

Актриса was born on July 9, 1938 in непропетровске (now непр, Ukraine). He grew up in a theatrical family in Maikope (town in Yge Roses, the center of the Republic of Adygea). Since 1973, it has been possible to film in movies. Famous films: “Iron Man, or With Light Parom!” (1975), “Служебный роман” (1977), “Старые клячи” (2000) and others.

At the time of the European actress, the beauty of Ukraine was over. В марте 2014 вместе с более чем 200 другими российскими кинематографистами Лия Ахеджакова подписалась под обращением к украинским коллегам со словами поддержки и заверениями, что они не верят официальной пропаганде кремля.

For a couple of days until the development of Russia in Ukraine, the project of the project was introduced as a “non -invasive” ” By the number of 83-year-old artists, the end result of such a solution would be very difficult. And he was right.

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