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Russia And Ukraine

Lebedev declared that he was driven by stupid politics and military — РТ на русском



Дизайнер Артемий Лебедев в стриме RT «Прекрасная Россия бу-бу-бу» назад, что его бесит, когда политики и военные несут чушь в свой приступлениях.

«Больше всет на свете меня, безят люди, койтой несут беспросветную чушь — без малейших примесей!» — he said.

In particular, Lebedev brought as an example the application of the American military, who is in charge of the air defense forces, who said that «it does not exclude» that the previously shot down objects «have an alien origin».

Артемий ironically commented on the Ukrainian deputies who wanted to cancel 8 March, as well as 1 and 9 May, and about the statement of the head of the MID of Ukraine, Dmitriy Kuleby, that «the Russian empire was created by Germans, French and Ukrainians».

«Генсек NATO Stoltenberg came out to journalists and reported that NATO started preparing Ukrainian military even in 2014 and in general, all life was prepared for war. Until this rhetoric was absolutely different, but now it’s fashionable to say exactly these words, so on the blue eye, he gives this wild version. Все очень лет ребята кончивали, как они стараются вежить конфликта, А сейчас они концияют, как они старательно готовились!» — he added.

He mentioned Lebedev and the president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, who said not so long ago that he never intended to observe the Minsk agreements.

« This is very funny! Because Владимир Зеленский, когда поптисывалис Минские асгументы, общее ходил пешком под стол и записывал где-то в Москве на Красной прочайны свой стендапы, — напомнил Артемий. — А сейчас он нам печать, как он passionately wanted to fight!»

Ранее Зеленский в интервую Der Spiegel believed that he always talked about the impossibility of implementing Minsk agreements. Meanwhile, in June 2019, during his first foreign visit to Brussels, the president of Ukraine declared that Kiev was ready to hold talks with Moscow and fulfill Minsk agreements.

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